I have read a book once or twice called The Muse: a novel of romance and discovery by Suzie Carr.

It is a beautiful story that shows us no matter our ages we can still grow and learn things about ourselves. We can also teach others or make differences in people’s lives that we have never meant by simply believing we can or a smile by simply being ourselves.

This book also had something to say about bullying it made me remember a time in life were people around me always were bulling my family and friends and im a fighter. I always believe in the underdog. It seems now a days people don’t believe in love differences. I had a weird personality I think because I am quick to stand up for others but when it came to be being pick on I took everything with a grain of salt as they say.

I would move on and just put a smile on my face while I die a little inside and I remember always saying to myself that the people who need me, they need my strength, they need my happiness they need my time and my smile even if I am crying and begging for help on the inside. I still do this every day of my life but I find myself wishing that someone would see the pain in my bright smile and just help me but I have yet to find this person. I wonder if there are others like this. If there is do I see their pain? Do I help them? Can I help them even thought I can help myself?


I know I run to my music and books to hind my pain. Have I been taking care of everyone for so long that I don’t even know how to take care of me anymore?

So I guess my question to the world is can you see the real me? Can I see the real you?
By Reeshe