Book Review Policy

Accepted Genres sorted by age groups and type
Middle Grade
High or Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Graphic Novel Adaptations

Young Adult
High or Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Steampunk, Dystopian, Graphic Novel Adaptations

Steampunk, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, Graphic Novel Adaptations,

Graphic Novels (manga/manwha, adaptations, comics, etc.)
Fantasy/Paranormal, Dystopian, Action/Adventure, Romance, shonen/shonen-ai ,shojo/shojo-ai, OEL, Self/independent published

Unaccepted Genres/Topics
We will not accept review requests on any of the following subjects

Independently/self published novels, erotica, gore, horror, thriller, mystery, westerns , books focused on discrimination of race, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or colour, continued sexual abuse. Zombies, contemporaries, yaoi, yuri, non-fiction, how-to's, self-help, poetry, and any other similar subjects.

Accepted Formats
Physical copies or ebook formats that can be read on a Kindle Fire or iPad 2.

All reviews will be given a rating of 1 to 5 out of 5 with 5 being the most positive review.

A review may take 60-90 days to be posted after it has been accepted. If a book is accepted for review it is only guaranteed a review if the book was completed. All accepted review requests do not guarantee a positive review or rating but all reviews will be constructive and fair in their criticism.

Other than the blog reviews and ratings are also posted at

FTC Disclosure
All book reviews are unpaid and all books reviewed are purchased by the blog contributors or provided by the requester, unless stated otherwise. If a book is provided for review this will be stated in the post of the review.

All reviews posted on Sparrow and Vixen Reviews are protected under copyright for and it's owners. Copying of ANY content from Sparrow and Vixen Reviews is prohibited and is only acceptable through written consent from the owner of the content.

If we have been given an ebook in a format that allows it to be copied we will not redistribute it to anyone. All physical books sent to us are ours to keep and to do with what we wish, that means donations, giveaways/contests, blog tours etc. If you do not agree then please do not request a review.

Guest Post Policy

If you wish to contribute a guest post note that the contents posted on this blog are PG-13 and that Sparrow and Vixen Reviews mainly focuses on subjects of speculative fiction or relating to book blogging and writing.

Interview Requests

Wish to request to be interviewed? Make sure that your book/graphic novel, or job/work falls under at least one of the accepted genres listed under the review policy above or is related to the topics covered on Sparrow and Vixen Reviews (eg. cover art).

Giveaway/Contest Policy

All winners in giveaways unless stated otherwise are randomly chosen through Giveaway entries are done through Google Docs and all private information provided will not be distributed or shared with anyone. Sparrow and Vixen Reviews and it's contributors are not responsible in any way for prizes that have been lost or damaged during shipping or for prizes shipped from third party sponsors. When you enter a giveaway you are agreeing to the terms listed here and the specific terms stated in the giveaway.

Giveaway/Contest Hosting Requests
If you wish for Sparrow and Vixen Reviews to host a giveaway please ensure that the giveaway is related to the topics covered on the blog or any of the accepted genres listed under the review policy above.

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Last Updated: November 25 2013