Sparrow and Vixen Reviews is a place where we, the contributors, can feature and share our opinions on many different forms of entertainment. Whether it be book, television, movies, anime or manga, Sparrow and Vixens Reviews will touch on them all and recommend and share with you our favourites and not so favourites from each form of media.

The Contributors

The Creator
I started this blog because I wanted a place where I could talk about books, music, animes, movies, and many other different subjects. I also wanted to hear other people’s opinions, either positive or negative, because I believe that everyone should have a say. Basically, I wanted a fun simple place where people from all over the world could enjoy themselves while sharing their honest opinions.

The "Techie"

I am the one who has been put in charge of making sure the blog actually works and looks good, this basically means scouring google for fixes and hacks. I got this unofficial position because I have the most experience with blogger but really I am still a “try it and see it works” sort of person. Along with being a fellow contributor on Sparrow's and Vixen's Reviews I run a book blog called Scribing Shadows.