Book Blogger Confessions is a new bi-weekly meme hosted by Tiger @ All Consuming Books and Karen @ For What it's Worth Reviews.

Social networking with authors: Do you interact on Twitter/Facebook etc. with authors? Does it affect how you review their work or do you look at their books differently because you are on friendly terms with them?

I follow many authors on twitter and will occasionally send them tweets if they ask a question or comment on a fandom I am apart of but I am not close with any of them except one or two author’s and even those couple of authors I only communicate with through the occasional tweets. I am not a gregarious person so getting me to talk to people I don’t know is already hard enough let alone getting me to talk to authors who I kind of worship xD. I think knowing an author on friendly terms does affect the way I approach the book because before I pick it up I am already hoping that I love it because I don’t want to let the author down with a negative review so I might be a bit more forgiving towards the book if it does have things I don’t like but in the end I have to be honest with myself and to my readers and say what I couldn’t look over if the book did disappoint me.