So there might be a storm heading by here Monday which means this weekend I will be shopping for a few things like water, batteries, canned foods and plastic tubs to keep my books safe because my house may be safe from flooding but not leaks if the shingles decide to go. Enough with storm talk though, it's not here yet and this weekend we have a couple a good mood movies to see.

The team is seeing this one tonight. Kitten and I just picked up tickets during lunch time. This looks like it could either be really fun and great or just bad, lets hope it's the former.
This is my first time seeing the trailer for this but Kitten says it's look like it's going to be funny and it has a few well known comedy actors. The plan is to see this one tomorrow.

Last weekend the team watched both The Dark Knight Rises (awesome movie) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (very entertaining). Check back this weekend for reviews by Kitten on both movies.
What movie would you like to see this weekend?