Book Blogger Confessions is a new bi-weekly meme hosted by Karen @ For What it's Worth Reviews and Midnyte Reader. It was formerly co-hosted by Tiger @ All Consuming Books

Should bloggers & authors discuss politics? Does that turn you off to a blogger or authors’ books if they tweet/post about their political positions or do you appreciate their passionate point of view?

Not if it’s one or two posts on the subject but if their blog starts feeling like a political blog I quickly run away, my politics tolerance meter is very tiny. 1. Because I don’t really care about politics even though I should because what’s being discussed affects me whether directly or indirectly. 2. I am not a US citizen and I don’t live in the US and most of the politics I hear about are US related and there is honestly nothing I can do about what’s going on, not even vote for who I like so why would I want to read about people’s political views when I already don’t care about politics? And although I may run away from a blogger or author’s blog for a while it doesn’t turn me off so much that I will permanently unfollow them or stop reading their book.