Book Blogger Confessions is a new bi-weekly meme hosted by Karen @ For What it's Worth Reviews and Midnyte Reader. It was formerly co-hosted by Tiger @ All Consuming Books

Is there a book that you are thankful you have read? Maybe it has changed your life in a small or even a large way, or made you see things in a different perspective.

Every time I come across this kind of question my answers are always the same :P. I am thankful to The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin series because that got me into reading and pretty much helped me survive middle school because I spent most of my time hiding in the library because I had no friends until year 9. I am thankful to the Harry Potter series because that got me reading more than just contemporary books and stopped me from judging books by their covers and running away from thick volumes, in fact I started thinking the thicker the book the better. It also help me discover the world of online fanbases, fanfiction and graphic design ^_^. I am thankful to the Wicked Lovely series because it introduced me to the world of paranormal YA and to a lot of great online friends who helped me feel less lonely while I was away from home at university.