This means that handy GFC widget to the right with our follower count is going to be useless come July 1st.

But have no fear there is another way to track the blogs you follow besides our RSS Feed button in the upper right (or email subscriptions).

Have you heard of bloglovin? It's a blog reader that has been around for a few years, it's convenient and has a simple and easy to read layout.

This link right here shows you a super easy way that allows you to transfer all of the blogs you have on google reader (I had 301) to Bloglovin. If you create an account on bloglovin it's seriously two clicks, wait a few minutes and done. After the blogs are transferred they are put under a group called blogger-following after that it will be up to you to leave them in that group or sort them into separate groups of your choice for easier viewing :). Now if you follow a lot of blogs the sorting part can be quite tedious so if you've been doing a bit of spring cleaning (aka unfollowing a few blogs) I suggest you do that before you transfer them over. Also if most of the blogs you follow fall under one subject.

For example I mostly follow book blogs so it would have been better for me to change the group name from blogger-following to something like book blogs and then move all the other blogs that don't fit into their own groups.