I know this blog has been quite sleepy for a long time but today I discover a book blogger challenge that seems quite interesting that I wanted to participate in. Now I am not sure how well I will do in this challenge since I have been in a reading coma for the past year but hey maybe this will help me get out of it.
The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April over on Good Books & Good Wine. You can start the challenge anytime you want, Day 1 is here.

Day 1: Make 15 book related Confessions

  1. My favourite kind of covers are illustrated.
  2. If a book I love or loved is being made into a movie I try to forget as much detail about the book as possible so I can enjoy the movie on its own and not judge it as an adaptation.
  3. I have sadly only read 3 books so far this year and one of them was a novella.
  4. I bought the German edition of Shiver just for the pretty cover (because I can’t speak German) and immediately felt guilty when I took the book out of its package.
  5. I still have unread ARCs on my shelf for books that released last year.
  6. If you damage a book that I lent to you I will most likely never lend you a book ever again and probably be filled with bitterness towards you every time I look at the book.
  7. I sometimes find dollar bills in my books (usually Harry Potter).
  8. I want to come up with my own book curse like this one and either frame it to hang in my dream library or stick it on the inside of all of my books.
  9. When I was away at university I often had days when I was very hungry but I always had a book to read.
  10. I want Scholastic to release the 15th Anniversary edition Harry Potter books in hardcover.
  11. I loathe spoilers. If I ask you not to spoil me and you continue to reveal spoilery things I will most likely hurt you.
  12. I got into book blogging because I had a lot of time on my hands and university and because I wanted to become better at explaining what the books I were reading were about.
  13. If a guy that’s interested in me doesn’t like to read books he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Move along non-reader.
  14. My favourite series of all time tend to have a great ensemble of characters and detailed and fantastic world building.
  15. If a book with gorgeous cover turns out to be a book I hate I feel betrayed.