Life has been busy guys and it's been a long time since I or Reeshe (who moved away months ago and has limited internet access) has posted on this blog and even longer since either of us has made a regular post. I keep meaning to finish redesigning the blog, to make a new post, to finish a draft but the days then become weeks and weeks become months and it's time to face the fact that this blog is no longer a priority in my life. There is just too much things keeping me occupied - work, school, new goals I want to work towards, new commitments I want to take on like Karate Classes and writing stories as well as improving my graphic skills.

I can't properly speak on Reeshe's behalf, I haven't even told her that I am taking a break from the blog but I assume considering that she is also busy with school and acclimating to a new location and home that she won't be posting on this blog anytime soon either. However because I am just a co-blogger and this blog was initially Reeshe's idea I won't delete it or close it down permanently and just leave it here in case either of us ever decide to return.

Thank-you all for the support in the past few years. It's been fun.

Oh also I saw Catching Fire over the weekend, it was great. I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to go watch it.