If you have checked out the previous Stumble Upon Songs posts you might have guessed that I have a thing for sombre songs or ballads. I love high energy pop/rock/alternative music, I am often blasting them in my car in the morning or on the way home but I can also go on for hours listening to softer deeper songs that just help me keep calm and carry on ;).

Still by Daughter
First heard while watching a fanvideo for a favorite pairing of mine from one of my favorite TV shows - Once Upon a Time

The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol is one of my favourite bands and when I heard this song playing during the trailer for the 2013 animated movie Epic I instantly loved it, but you know I didn't realize that the song was being sung by Snow Patrol (fail on my part). But I was so happy when I found out that it was them.

The A Team by Ed Sheeran
This one was actually just discovered through the radio, haha.

Agnes Obel by Avenue
Her song Riverside was used in another Once Upon a Time fanvideo and I loved it so much I looked up a few of her other songs.

Found through tumblr after the airing of the episode Game of Thrones episode Rains of Castermere or as fans of the epic book series A Song of Ice and Fire call it The Red Wedding episode. It's a beautiful song but heart breaking if you are a fan of the show.