I think this is a great story of course I have the books but just have not gotten around to reading it let; I have seen all the movies.

Twilight, I have had my dough’s about the movie when I first heard about it but I think the movie live up to it standards of a vampire movie. It starts off with Bella who is played by Kristen Stewart, Edward who is played by Robert Patterson and Jacob Taylor Lautner.

Of course the movie is base on a teenage girl who feels different and doesn’t fit in with regular teenagers, fails in love with a boy at school name Edward who seems just as confused as she does slowly she starts to see things and does researches were she comes to the conclusion that Edward is a vampire. As the story goes on you find out that his family (a family of vampires) are different from the others were they don’t believe in hurting or killing humans so they drink the blood of animals. (Now my first thought was do they have like some vampire deer’s or something walking around lol) Well as the story progress there are other vampires out there that are not as kind and like humans enough to drink animal blood as they are. So they come into town and start killing on passing thought the town. Charley, Bella’s father is chef of people and he get the case but Jacob who comes from a tribe family, who also knows about vampires. They bad vampire end up hunting Bella as a game, they do get her in the end and one of the vampire I think his name was James bites her and he gets killed and Edwards stops the change from happening. So they go back to school. That's is basic thing in that movie.

New Moon
Then Bella birthday is coming up and Alice (one of Edward’s sisters) throws Bella a birthday party that she goes too and get hurts Jasper which is new to family has not gotten over the smell and taste of blood yet and attacks Bella. Edward push’s her out of the wait and she hits a table breaks it and gets injured even more, and because of that Edward breaks up with Bella. I think she feels worst losing him and has night mares and becomes lonely again, but then she finds out that if she does something dangerous she see Edward as a result of a warning. So she buys too bikes and goes to Jacob and helps her fit them up. Then she use them recklessly and turns out Jacob is in love with Bella but she is too far in Edwards a** to see it. One night they end up at the movies another boy that likes Bella from school and Jacob, they went to see a horror where Jacob tries to put the movies on Bella and she tells he she is not ready. Then the other boy comes along and Jacob ends up get mad and running away, Bella doesn’t here from him from days and the night mares come back but when Jacob disappears and the loneliness comes back she goes looking for him. Where he tells her he knows about her vampire love and that he never wants to see her again and he runs off.
Bella then goes and jumps off a cliff for the funny of it or to see Edward (oh, Victoria is also hunting Bella because of her lost soul mate James) then Jacob saves her and she goes back to her house which Alice is there, she though she had died and Bella runs into the house leaving Jacob outside. Then Alice explains to her that Edward thinks she is dead and she going to kill himself. So she rushes to some where to save Edward leaving Jacob behind. She saves Edward in time and then she meet the Valtoui, how now wants them to change Bella.

Is where some one starts to build a vampire army to come after Bella you later find out it is Victoria and Edward comes back to forks with Bella and Bella finds out the Jacob is a wolf that hunts and kills vampires. She is stuck between both vampires and wolf that are in love with her. So she counties to play both but is mainly with Edward. The vampire and wolfs end up fighting together to try and save Bella. They do and Victoria is killed and so is the army that when the Valtoui’s step in and where not happy to see that Bella had not been change witch they were told a day had been set. Jacob finds out that Bella is getting married to Edward and Jacob also gets hurt. Then he learns that Bella will be changed into a vampire and he is against it. They go back to there lives.

Breaking dawn
Breaking Dawn is were Bella and Edward get married and go on a honey moon, here they get to make love for the first time and Bella wanted to do it as a human, not know what will happen when she is turned. So a day after then, Edward said he would not touch her until she is turned because he hurt her. She gets pregnant which was suppose to be impossible but it happens and they go back home she lies to her family about being sick, with a week she looks 9 months. The baby was on the way the wolf’s decide that it can’t not live and Jacob stands up to them for Bella and him and 2 others decide to protect her plus the vampire family. When comes then have to cut her stomach and put it out and Bella dies but Edwards bites her. (They had a baby girl) Jacob made up his mind saying that the baby can’t live if Bella is died and goes to kill it but then as his walks up from behind the baby looks into his eyes and they imprint and she becomes his soul mate. So the wolfs walk away because there one law is that they cant harm another wolfs soul mate. Then as it was about to end they dress Bella and she wakes up with red eyes.

I love the movie it was GREAT but here is the thing that disappoints, that I have to wait and entire year before I can see Breaking Dawn part 2 which comes out on November 16 2012. I was very up set with this. Why a whole year, why not 6 months. Think this is the worst part about this story.
Thanks you all but that is enough on this until Part 2 comes outs. It is a heart breaker.