Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu is the series I go to when I want something fluffy and light and filled with drama. A series that helps me, for a little while, forget the stress and mundane of real life that I can get lost in. To be honest most books are read to transport us to another world but in the case with Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu which is categorized as smut my expectations are pretty low here and my needs simple. I just want something fun to read, to entertain me, and with this manga series I get exactly that.

Tsubaki is our heroine and she falls into the quiet, mousy category of a shojo MC. She knows how to style hair, do makeup, even dress up...other girls but doesn't think those kind of things suit her so she wears her school uniform skirt down past her knees, and puts her hair into two long simple braids. Her old fashion way of dressing even has the other students calling her a country bumpkin but Tsubaki has other things on her mind, her studies. Volume one begins with her and her younger sister starting the new school year and Tsubaki finds out that she didn’t make top student but the guy sitting next to her did. A long hair, laid back, flirt who doesn’t fit the profile of a hardworking, exam excelling student at all and what’s worse is how forward and rude he is to our heroine, to the point that he makes this quiet, people pleasing girl snap and randomly cut off his long hair! Of course this guy, Kyouta, who Tsubaki clashes with, is the series’ male MC and the story is about their relationship and all the drama it brings.

I can’t say this is a great series, it’s filled with the usual shojo clichés, the male MC took a good amount of volumes to like because his actions ventured into sexual harassment on many occasion and Tsubaki’s naiveté were at times quite unbelievable and frustrating but this series has its hooks in me. I cannot stop reading Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu because as the volumes carry on I do like the characters, I do love reading the lusty, swoony scenes and mushy dialogue. I crave the drama and the angst, and the series and it’s antics do crack me up on occasion, so I will recommend it to you if you are looking for something just to enjoy and not take too seriously.

Note: This series has not been licensed in English so if you want to read it you'll have to be search engine savvy. However, I do not promote the reading of online scanlations if a series has been officially published in a language you can read.