Raven's Gate (The Gatekeepers, #1)
Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz
As punishment for a crime he didn't really commit, Matt was given a choice: Go to jail or go live with an old woman named Mrs. Deverill in a remote town called Lesser Malling. He should have chosen jail. A strange and sinister plan is coming together in Lesser Malling, with Matt at the center of it all. People who try to help him disappear... or die. It all ties to an evil place called Raven's Gate- a place whose destiny is horrifyingly intertwined with Matt's own. Matt is used to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But now he's in the right place at the right time- for all the wrong reasons. It's going to take all his strength and power to save his life and stop Raven's gate from unleashing an ancient doom.

I am trying my best to write this review without any spoilers but I will tell you that Raven’s Gate starts off really slow, and even sometimes you think to yourself, why I am reading this. At one point I had to actually put this book down for a month after starting it, but then once you get past the boring parts you see that you are supposed to be confused, just like how the main character was but after he does puts the pieces together you see the story playing out in front of you.

I must say that I thought I would have been disappointed in Raven’s Gate but I came out of it smiling and a little upset that it had ended so quickly. I had a nice time reading this story, it was well written and even a bit over the top sometimes, but I feel like I was in the world of the book the whole time I read it, seeing and hearing everything that was going on. Mr Anthony Horowitz has a gift with drawing a reader into his world, to make you feel like you are actually in the book itself.

I can’t wait to read book #2.

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