This anime was funny, cute and touching. It starts out with a weak kid who is picked on every day, so he grows tired of this and starts wanting to fight and protect people that can’t protect themselves like he used to be. Kenichi starts training at Ryozanpaku.
His is invited to train there by Miu Furinji. After he learns a basic move from Miu he was able to beat a big guy from his Karate Club this is when he becomes a target of a fight club called Ragnarok. Ragnarok is made up of the best fighters that are ruled by the 7 deadly fists.

This anime was able to show that through hard work that anyone can become great. Kenichi beat Ragnarok and one by one he touches their hearts and you find out what went wrong with each of them why they had turned to a street gang and most of them become friends.

Kenichi and his Masters

Kenichi Shirahama
(The History's Strongest Disciple)

Miu Furinji
(The Ultimate Martial Artist)

Akisame Koetsuji
(The Philosophical Jujitsu Master)

Apachai Hopachai
(The Shinigami (Death God) of Muay Thai Underworld)

Hayato Furinjo
(The Invincible Superman and Miu's grand father)

Kensei Ma
(The Master of All Chinese Kenpo)

Shigure Kosaka
(The Prodigy of Swords and Master of all Weaponry)
(She is also becoming one of my favorite people in this story)

Shio Sakaki
(The Hundredth Degree Street Brawler)