Alma of My Heart
Alma of my Heart by Susanna Lo
Irena Montoya and Tatiana Jones come from two entirely different worlds. Irena is a poor, illegal immigrant who sneaks across the Mexican border and walks 46 days to Los Angeles where she hopes to find a new life for herself and her unborn daughter. Tatiana is a wealthy architect who has everything a woman could want – beauty, brains, money and an adoring husband – but she can’t have children. After a year of struggling to raise her daughter as a single mother in the pits of L.A., Irena realizes the best thing she can do for her child, Alma, is to give her up. She leaves Alma at the steps of The Survivors Sojourn, a safe haven for abused women and children founded and built by Tatiana. The minute Tatiana meets Alma, she knows all her dreams will come true and she raises Alma as her own daughter. Seven years later, the tragedy of Alma’s death brings Irena and Tatiana together. Through pain and suffering, these two women find love in a way neither one expected because sometimes hope can come from great despair.

This story was amazing, I was truly touched by this story. I cried, I smiled, I felt the happiness and the sadness that came with the women in this book.

I was drawn into this book, I felt everything that these women went thought, this book was so beautifully written, it kept you there feeling there pain, there happiness, their love.

The sacrifices that were made by the two of these women, it was what made them stronger, it is what made them fight harder and made them into the people they are today. I was thankful for this book and I have heard they are going to make it into a movie which is great. This story needs to be told. I believe that it will give people hope.

5 out of 5