Currently I am quite low in the funds department so I can’t spend as much money on books as I used to. Actually I can’t really spend any money on books for the moment, which is actually a good thing for me since I have 90 books on my shelf or iPad waiting to be read. I am hoping my state of empty wallet means I can knock this number down a good 10 or even 20 books but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Another reason I can’t buy any more books is because I simply have no more room to put them. I have books on shelves, in drawers, taking up space on tables, in boxes and suitcases. The only reason I don’t have books lining my wall along the floor is because our roof leaks but if that wasn’t an issue I am sure I would have books there too. So far this isn’t a major concern since I can’t afford to get more books (and hey I can always get ebooks) but when a time comes and I will need room there is my annual solution – donate books. The library, The Red Cross, and the local Thrift Shop run by the Humane Society all take donated books and I will be visiting one or all of them sometime this year. Maybe I can do this a bit before Christmas :). I would give books to friends but none of my friends here are big readers and all of my big reader friends live overseas :(.

What do you do when you run out of book room? How big is the to-read pile in your home? Do you have any strategies or tips on how to cut that pile down quickly? Do you ever get rid of books or do you keep them forever?