It's not possible to catch all newly revealed covers all the time right when they are shared with the public. Sometimes a gorgeous cover that has been around for months or even a year can slip by our radar and are only discovered by accident or referral. So below are a few lovely covers that are just getting our attention now.

Charmfall (Dark Elite #3) by
Chloe Neill
(US Edition)
Frostfire (Daughter of Flames #3)
by Zoe Marriott
(UK Edition)

Daylight Saving
by Edward Hogan
(UK Edition)
Flutter (My Blood Approves #3)
by Amanda Hocking

Charmfall released this past January so I am going to assume the cover was probably revealed at least six months ago. Frostfire will be released this July in paperback but I think the cover was revealed back in November. Daylight Saving came out last month and Flutter was published in 2010!

My fav here is Daylight Saving and not just because it's blue. The entire layout of the cover just makes it stand out, the rippling of the text gives off a slightly chilling vibe and I love the clock face in the background.