Reeshe and I have been meaning to incorporate music into the blog (a playlist of some kind shall be gracing our sidebar soon) and recently we've both discovered a few songs we think are too great not to share.

I can't find the video anymore on youtube (it's been removed)  but the link will lead you to the song at TrackCity where you can still listen to it.

 Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars

Both of the above songs are apart of The Hunger Games soundtrack

So Cold by Nikisha Reyes-Pile and Ben Cocks

Discovered when I watched this fantastic fanmade video for The Hunger Games.

Underlined by Crossbreed

Discovered by Reeshe, she liked that it had the impression of hard rock without being extremely so.

Tell us what you think of these songs in the comments and if you've stumbled upon any great songs recently, share them with us!