Best Books of the Month is a self-explanatory feature where the contributors of WildFire Writing will highlight their favourite book that they have read for the month and share with you why their particular choice is a favourite of theirs.

Reeshe's Pick

My favourite book for the month of June 2012 is Death Bringer by Derek Landy.

The points that made Death Bringer my favourite book are:
  • Death Bringer was brimming with betrayals that I never saw coming.
  • Every second of this book was full of excitement, my heart pumped quickly with every word I consumed from this book.
  • The friendship in this book was great, I could only hope I have a friend like Skulduggery Pleasant (Now that I think about it Sandy and Kitten are like My Mr. Pleasant minus the Magic)
  • I love the way this book expressed Melancholia longing for a friend or someone to love her, for who she is.
  • I love the way Valkyrie Cane is growing into herself.
  • I love that you get to see more of Darquesse in this book, get to see from her point of view where she stands and want stays between her and Valkyrie.
  • I hated to see Tanith go in the previous book, Mortal Coil, but I understand why it chose her. I just hope that maybe one day we will be able to see her again, the Tanith we know and love. I missed her a lot in this book but hopefully this will change and change soon.
I hope to see your own favorite books posted and thank you all for your support here for all 3 of us here at WildFire Writing!

Sandy's Pick

My favourite book for the month of June 2012 is The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and here are the main reasons why:

  • This is Maggie's best writing yet and if you've read her previous books then you know how amazing that is. She always takes care with what to say and what to not say, you have to pay attention and make sure you don't miss anything.
  • Every character had secrets and their own agendas and dreams, sometimes they meshed well together and other times they clashed terribly which resulted in great drama.
  • The storyline was unique and brimming with interesting detail. I want to find out more.
  • Bromance, there was bromance everywhere and I loved it.

I received an ARC of this book at BEA and a full and proper review will be posted in August or September so keep a look out and as Reeshe says share your favourite books with us we can never have too much books on our TBR list.