I am surprised I haven't noticed any of this in my blogger dashboard especially since the information was posted on the YenPress website April 8th. Did I just miss everyone's posts or has no one else seen the news about this yet?

Coming in 2013, an original adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s bestselling BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!

For the past few months, Ethan Wate has been plagued with vivid, terrifying dreams—a mysterious girl cries out for his help, but as he reaches for her, she slips through his fingers and plunges into darkness. The dreams are unsettling, but awake, life in his small Southern town is the same-old news…until the new girl comes to town. And she looks almost…familiar…even though this tiny town has never seen the likes of a girl like Lena Duchannes…

Talented newcomer Cassandra Jean will be illustrating this dark romantic fantasy, which will be serializing in YEN PLUS magazine online later this year. - YenPress

I've only read the first book for the Caster Chronicle Series so far but I enjoyed it and I love manga so having YA being adapted into manga is always cause for celebration in my opinion.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you care that another popular YA novel is being adapted into a graphic novel? Like the idea? Hate the idea? Share your thoughts!