Written by Sarah Rees Brennan The Demon's Lexicon is a YA, paranormal, trilogy set in England and centred around two brothers - Alan and Nick Ryves.

A series that definitely sets itself a part from the typical YA layout, The Demon's Lexicon is a trilogy filled with darkness, wit, secrets, lies and magic. Sarah Rees Brennan is an adept when it comes to writing characters and relationships, and when I say relationships I don't mean the romantic kind. The relationships I am talking about are the familial kind, between siblings and parents, and also the relationship between friends and people who are not quite friends.

Each novel takes place from three different points of views and with each book it clearly emphasizes how much a perspective can affect how the reader will view a particular character because no one character has the exact same kind of relationship with more than one person. Seeing characters from different perspectives throughout the same book not only gives greater insight to the main POV but it also reveals the different layers and sides to characters we thought we already knew.

I couldn't think of the words to write a proper review for each book, but after completing the final instalment in this series I wanted to let everyone know my overall thoughts. If you are looking for a YA series to surprise you with twists, entertain you with sharp dialogue, and immerse you in a world filled with danger and action, give the first book in this series a try because you won't regret it.

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