Book Blogger Confessions is a new bi-weekly meme hosted by Tiger @ All Consuming Books and Karen @ For What it's Worth Reviews.

Review/Guest post requests: Do you have a review request policy? Has it changed over time? How do you handle requests that don’t meet your criteria?
In the past, what types of "pitches" have caught your attention? Are there any (non-specific) examples of requests that are off-putting to you as a blogger?

Here on WildFire Writing we don't have a review request policy, yet. We're still fairly new and considering the amount of books we have to read I don't think we have time to take requests for the moment so that's probably a good thing.

Over at Scribing Shadows I have a policy and currently it says that I am not taking any requests, the blog is on a break and before then I had no time to even look at email requests so that's why I made the decision to not take requests. From the first time I posted my policy over there to now it has changed every so often and it would always be me limiting the kind of genres I would accept, because although I did read all the genres I had stated in the beginning I was a lot pickier with what I would read from certain genres than others.

I don't like pitches or I don't buy pitches. All the requests I would get would be from authors so of course they are going to try and make their book sound as appealing to me as possible. I also hate when books are compared to a popular book series, it puts me off. What I like is a polite greeting, some indication that you've looked at my blog and understand the content I mainly cover and you're book cover, along with the synopsis and publisher. Also, don't send me the attachment or download link to your book in the initial email because I haven't accepted it yet. It just makes me feel worse if I decide I'm not interested.