On the weekend of April 13th to the 15th the contributors of WildFire Writing (along with my little sister) all took a trip to the Khaotic Kon anime convention in Tampa, FL. There was fanart, merchandise and lots and lots of cosplay (costume play).

Kitten is the one among us who is never afraid of starting up conversations with strangers or asking them if she can take their picture so despite me actually buying a camera to take pictures I only took one and she took all of the rest with both mine and her own camera. She even remembered to ask if she could post the pictures on the blog while I just said thank-you and ran away.

Here is an aspriring manga creator and his crew. Reeshe bought a copy of chapter one of his manga (in his hand) and got it signed. Keep an eye out for Reeshe's review later today.

The convention did have many panels and events but we only attended one and it didn't impress so we stuck to the Artist Alley and Vendor's Room where we came across some wonderful items.

We also got autographs from Todd Haberkorn who is the voice actor for Ling Yao in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Italy in Hetalia, Watanuki in XXXholic and many other characters. He was very friendly and down to Earth even at 11PM at night after a full day of convention and signings.

In the beginning our first anime convention was a little intimidating but after immersing ourselves in the geekdom it was a nice experience. I think I might try attending a different one next time, one with more interesting panels and with more guests that I am familiar with and I'll bring my little brother along next time, as well as more spending money.

Have you ever been to an anime con before? Tell us about your first experience!