Hex Hall is a part of our book club books for this month and I must admit it is one of the most exciting books I have read in a long time. At the very least, it wasn't what I expected.

This books was so fascinating that I couldn't put it down. I am try to go through this review without spoilers, but I know I probably can't. It was like looking through a telescope, but never being able to see the moon, until it drops on your head. I will tell you this, not everything or everyone should be trusted in this book and I learnt that the hard way. There are witch hunters called "The Eye"who not only hunt witches, but everything that is magical.
I couldn't put this down, it was so good I had to go out and buy the other 2 books right away.

Demon Glass was a book worth reading. There were so many secrets that came out in this book, that I couldn't believe these people could actually trust each other. This book was about a young women finding her way, and no matter how many mistakes she makes along the way, she finally saw that the people around her loved her. I am so in love with the main charterer Sophie; her soul and personality was great and also inspiring. Her heart was pure, but in all good books there is always a Love Triangle. Personally, I am all team Betrothed (you will understand when you read the book). Of course in this book she finds out her mother will keep secrets and also who are the bad guys.

In the 3rd book Spell Bound; Sophie learns to fight, but of course like all good, pure girls she doesn't want to kill, and that is a good thing. She also endangers lots of people, and even as she tries to save them all, she is forced to live through some things she never thought possible. There was a lot of loss in this book, which hurt me deeper than any of the other books.

Every one pulls together in this book, and of course through the twist and turns, you find out about a lot of things which no one will ever know. You will be able find out what is set in stone, and what is not.

I give each of these books