Last week there were no new movie releases besides Savages which seems interesting sure but not enough to spend a $12 ticket on, that's $14.29 in US. I'll rent it when it comes out on DVD. However, this week there are TWO new movies that everyone on WildFire are eager to watch. The Dark Knight Rises which was released last Friday in the states and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which came out who knows when. My brother and sister will of course be coming along to the movies with us but my brother isn't seeing Abe kill any vampires because you know it's rated R.

I am sure everyone who enjoyed The Dark Knight has been waiting anxiously for this one. I have read reviews from people who loved it as much as The Dark Knight and reviews by others who have not. I just hope I love it.
I thought it sounded like a weird book when I first heard the title but then I saw the trailer and it actually looks like it could be awesome. I don't know what the general reaction is for this one but with all movies I go and see I hope I love it.
What movie do you want to see this weekend? What was the last movie you saw?