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How Do You Choose What Book To Read Next?

It’s all about what I am in the mood far. I’ve learned after suffering through many reading slumps that it’s a good idea to mix things up. Sometimes, especially if you are reading a really good series, you just want to read books back to back. I did this with the Skulduggery Pleasant books; I read the first book and then ordered all the other books in the series that were released. When they arrived I devoured 5 books in as many days (or less). It was great; that series is one of my favourites but reading about the same characters, same world, and same genre for 6 books in a row isn’t something I recommend doing on a regular basis. Why? Because I think you’ll burn yourself out mighty quickly, no one likes doing the same thing over and over again no matter how awesome it is.

Example, I love pasta but there is no way that I can be content with eating pasta all day every day for the rest of my life or even a week. I would get bored and sick of it after the second or third day, by day four I would probably never want to even hear the word pasta ever again but then months later after going pasta-free I am positive I’d be craving pasta again.

So what do I do? I go over what I just read. What did I love about this book? What did I hate? What was the most prevalent thing in the book? What do I want from the next book I am going to read? Do I want the same thing or something different? How interested am I in the premise? Do I want to read this book now? If you're answer isn't a resounding YES for that last question then you are probably better off picking up another book even if the one you were considering has been on your shelf or ereader for a year.

If it's a book you've accepted for review then that's a whole other situation because I'm sure you've set yourself a deadline. However, I don't think results are ever good if you have to force yourself to read a book. For that case maybe you should go through your review books and read the first or first three chapters (depending on length) and see which one catches your interest the most.