The Last Word: UNFETTERED ... for a great cause!: When some of the biggest names in the fantasy genre all come together on one project, readers sit up and pay attention. Especially when that...

I am reblogging some interesting news that I thought you guys would be interested in. There is a great cause happening right now. Over a dozen big fantasy authors have come together to contribute original stories for an anthology titled Unfettered. The proceeds from the sale of the anthology are going to help pay the medical bills for Shawn Speaksman. Shawn is Terry Brook's webmaster and in 2011 he was diagnosed with Hogdkin’s lymphoma. Unfortunately Shawn didn't have medical insurance to cover the costs and has accrued a big medical debt over the course of his treatment, but fortunately a lot of great authors have come together to create this anthology to help Mr. Speaksman.

You can purchase the book and read more on the story here.

Even if it wasn't for such a great cause I would have gotten the book anyway. The list of authors are just impressive and that cover is gorgeous.