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 What is the last book you flung across the room?

I don’t throw books, even books I hate I can’t mistreat even if I have the urge to. The last book that has made me want to throw it across the room would probably be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Alice was such a frustrating protagonist, I kept cursing at her and wanting to just reach into the book and shake her. I couldn’t even hit the book because it was an ebook stored on my precious iPad.

The one book (or series) I probably would have set on fire though if they weren't ebooks was Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow. I don't normally curse (even online or at least I didn't back then) but I will say when I finished the last book in this series I was cursing up a storm. Every time I started talking about this series I get upset. One time I was telling my friend about what had happened in the end while I was driving and I nearly ran into the back of another car. This series raises my blood pressure.