The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April over on Good Books & Good Wine. You can start the challenge anytime you want, Day 1 is here.

Quick. Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

  1. Discussion posts
  2. Cover posts
  3. Drop Down Menus (this is more a design thing but it counts!)
  4. Book to Movie reviews
  5. Simple but pretty/fantastical designs with easily legible posts/text
  6. Blogs that I can easily navigate – search bar, paging through posts, links to other pages like a review archive.
  7. Multiple ways to follow/subscribe to the blog
  8. Funny bloggers
  9. Posts on manga and/or other graphic novels
  10. The occasional personal post, maybe something that’s done once a week that gives a little insight to the non-book lover part of the blogger.
  11. If a blogger went to a book related even like an author signing or something big like BEA I always love hearing how it went, what they did and who they saw.
  12. Features unique to that blog
  13. Replies to comments - honestly seeing that a blogger responds to their visitors makes me more inclined to leave a comment.
  14. Tips and Tricks - I love it when a blogger posts about things that I might find helpful.
  15. Rants - I don't like to write them but I do like to read them. As long as it's not a personal attack I tend to find them funny and quite informative.